In an unforgettable moment that captivated the world, Sheynnis Palacios of Nicaragua was crowned the esteemed title of Miss Universe 2023

The highly anticipated beauty pageant reached its pinnacle on a dazzling Saturday evening in the vibrant capital of El Salvador, San Salvador

As the excitement filled the air, another shining star emerged, with Anntonia Porsild of Thailand securing the prestigious position of first runner-up

A Remarkable JourneyPalacios' remarkable victory et her name in annals of history as the-ever Nicaraguan woman to claim the crown of Miss Universe The road to triumph was paved with dedication and perseverance

Palacios had previously represented her beloved Nicaragua in the 2017 Teen Miss Universe pageant, showcasing her undeniable grace and poise by securing a spot in the coveted top 10

Her pursuit of excellence continued in the 2021 Miss World pageant, where she once again represented her nation with utmost pride

This year's Miss Universe attracted an impressive lineup of contenders from 84 diverse countries

Twenty exceptional semi-finalists were unveiled at the onset of Saturday night's eagerly anticipated proceedings

These remarkable women showcased their elegance, confidence, and unwavering determination throughout the preliminary competition, which factored alongside a global fan vote

This year's Miss Universe pageant was an extraordinary celebration of beauty, talent, and the boundless potential of women